Blog 3: Film Industry post – Why “PG Has Become the New Go-To” Rating for Studio Movies

Why “PG Has Become the New Go-To” Rating for Studio Movies

how-the-movie-rating-system-actually-works_50290f2e17bcc_w1500 3This interesting article is from the Hollywood Report that talks about the current trend/state for “PG” rating movies. I agree that there a colossal market for movies that cater to a vast range of ages of kids and adults. But I attribute this to the economical risk of “Nonfranchise” movies and “Happy Meal” blockbusters” that are pumping out for the stockholders. With the shrinking theater market and growing ticket prices, studios are turning more than ever to less risky projects to cover their bottom line. PG rating movies include a vast business market to gratify too.

Blog 2: Movie Review post – There’s Something about Mary.

Movie Review:  There’s Something about Mary.

mary 3
“Is that…is that hair gel?”

My short movie review is from the 1998 classic, There’s Something about Mary.  Directed by the Farrelly Brothers and starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller this is a story about finding love.  Both the writing and the directing works are the pentacle of the Farrelly’s Brother’s body of work.

There are many funny and outrages moments throughout the film that leaves you wanting more.  The cast is perfect in executing the comedic performances from words to action.  It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been 20 years since it’s release.  But the movie does still hold up through time.

“A pure silly must see movie.” 5 of 5 STARS.  



Blog 1: Inspirational post-HD Rocky Balboa (2006)-inspirational speech

HD – Rocky Balboa (2006) – inspirational speech

roky2 2This short clip is from the 2006 hit movie, Rocky Balboa. The scene paints a picture of an extremely power scene between Rocky (father) and his son, and their contrasts look toward life. Rocky’s inspirational speech is a tremendously powerful choice and makeup of words to talk about how hard life can be. But it’s up to each to rise from these brutal forces and to fight.