me-photoMy name is Thomas Frederick, and I am based in Southern California.  I am the owner of, a THINK: Media | WDW subsidiary company, a production media boutique that caters towards an array of medium formats and production development strategies.  I have deep rooted media experiences in the private, government, and academia sectors that have spanned for over 20 years.

I am educated from Los Angeles Valley College and Full Sail University through production technologies and cinema theories.  My demo reel shows a multitude of sample projects traversing from motion capture to EPK’s to behind the scenes environments.
I am a two-time Telly Awards recipient (2003 and 2016) and have small IMDb listing.

The use of high definition technologies and having a passionate, resourceful mindset provides me the added creative layers of tools to carve out your visionary project.
Call or email to see how I can add production value to your digital venture.  Thank you!